Nelson Irrigation

Custom e-commerce website

Screen capture of the Nelson Irrigation online e-commerce website

Nelson Irrigation is a distributor of Hunter irrigation products throughout Australia and New Zealand.

They distribute the Hunter product to different retailers and noticed a good many of them don’t have online stores. So they conceived of a platform that would offer dealers their own web store — named “My Hunter Store” by simply signing up. This offering adds significant value and incentive for the dealers to stay with Nelson Irrigation as their supplier.

Nelson Irrigation had previously attempted this platform with another web development firm but due to the complexity, it was completely abandoned before completion.

A highly flexible store was needed that redirects customers to a local customised version depending on their location and choice.

Quote Mark

Custom D truly exceeded my expectations. Their approachable and friendly demeanour made me feel valued as a client, and they were always willing to go the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction. It was clear that they genuinely cared about creating a website that aligned with my vision and objectives.

Annika - Nelson Irrigation

What We Built

E-commerce website and shopping cart with multiple payment integrations.


Nelson Irrigation can take on as many dealers as they like with the confidence that all individual “My Hunter Stores” are based on a single web application, which is more flexible than replicating websites for each dealership as that would not be sustainable long-term.

Dealership Buy-in

Early testing was carried out by us with a subset of dealers using prototypes to ensure they were onboard with both the business idea and our concepts of how the store will work.

A Complex Payment Model Made Simple

The payment model means that purchases go through a single online merchant account and are then sent to individual dealers’ nominated bank accounts.