Dirty Bach

Mobile iOS and Android app

Screen capture of the Dirty Bach app

When Xero announced their 2018 XDHax developer challenge, the team at Custom D decided they would enter. This was a project that saw the entire team participate, outside of work hours. We were the developers and the client. The brief was to create something for small business that integrates with Xero.

Dirty Bach is a mobile app designed for cleaners to manage bookings and billing. The premise was that the process of creating and sending invoices and recording it all in accounting software was laborious and could benefit from a rethink.

We were able to leverage our extensive experience integrating with Xero and were thrilled when Dirty Bach was announced as the winner! It made all the late nights and weekends worth it.


What We Built

Mobile iOS and Android apps, Xero integration.

Mobile Only

Designing a productivity tool to be used on mobile is tricky, but when it’s only mobile with no supporting web app, critical consideration of every element and interaction included in the user interface is essential. Dirty Bach is uncomplicated, simple to use and easy to understand.

Cross platform - Saving Time and Money

Using recent technology advancements (React Native), a single version of Dirty Bach services both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from both App stores. This approach saved enormous development time and cost.

Creating a Fun Experience

When designing the workflows for Dirty Bach, we wanted to keep it light and fun. There are a number of animations that make users feel good about completing their tasks. However these do not inhibit or distract users from what they’re doing. These touches help users to engage and enjoy their work.