Startup Stories Ep 4. 
Aaron Green - Streamtime 

Project management software for creatives

We sat down and chatted to Aaron Green from Streamtime, a productivity tool for creatives. Unlike our other Startup Stories that are relatively early stage startups, Streamtime has been around for about 18 years. Aaron tells us about how the product has evolved.

Streamtime were early adopters of the SaaS business model, and switched to the model of a monthly fee in 2008. "Moving everyone to a small monthly fee rather than a large upfront fee was terrifying. The resilience part of being a founder kicks in at this point."

In 2014 they realised the product was a dinosaur - having been around for 14/15 years. So they wanted to rewrite it/rethink it. "We had something like $5million recurring revenue on the old product, and here we are saying we are discontinuing that product but will keep supporting it and we're writing a whole new product."

Watch or listen to the full episode to find out more about Aaron's brave and bold decision making.

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Key Takeaways

Patience and resilience

You have to give things a long time sometimes. You try a lot of things and fail a lot of times. Things don't always happen quickly. You need long term patience which ties in with resilience.

To get what you want, do what it takes

Growing up I had to earn money to buy stuff. I wanted a computer that was about $500, so I grew a cow! I bought a calf, raised it and sold it. The cow was named Computer, he grew up and became a computer.

Your team is critical

When I hire, I think would I want to bring that person home for a BBQ. You need good friends and good support around you.

You need a tribe of followers

You need a cause that people can get behind. What's the 'why' behind your idea. How can other people get behind it, and importantly your team can get behind it.

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