Real Estate Investar

Xero Integrated Property Investment Web App

Real Estate Investar platform mockup

We helped build the technology behind Real Estate Investor: a suite of tools for property managers and investors property – whether they're actively looking for property or want to manage an existing portfolio.

One clever tool in the suite that we helped build is called Tracker, which pulls financial information from Xero on each property within an investor's portfolio. This direct and automated feed means the investor can easily assess the performance of each property in one place.

Xero Integration

Income and expenses are automatically pulled from Xero and mapped to the various properties.

Efficient Data Handling

Users get to manage their financials in Xero, with no double-entry into the REI Tracker tool.

Investment Analysis

All of the financial evaluation and analysis is handled by Tracker, which brings all of the relevant figures together to provide clear information to assist with decision making and planning. Alongside REI's forecasts of their investments' performance, users get to see the real-world performance that comes straight out of their bank accounts. This helps them to quickly spot and react when things aren't quite going according to plan.