Online tenancy application

Screen capture of TPS online portal

The guys behind tenancy.co.nz are forward-thinking entrepreneurs. They started by launching a suite of online tools for property managers and now also run NZ’s market leading online rental application form trusted by the likes of Harcourts, LJ hooker, Ray White and many other real estate firms. Since launching in 2016 there have been more than 250k applications processed.

Always at the centre of their thinking was one question: “How can we make this painfully labour-intensive process better, faster and more efficient for all concerned?”


Quote Mark

We have worked with CustomD for a number of years and they are extremely knowledgable in what they do. Their understanding of AWS systems and architecture is incredible. Their efficiency in diagnosing issues and identifying optimisation potential is paramount to both our required up time and customer satisfaction.

Luke Siemonavich - Development Manager, Tenancy.co.nz

What We Built

Online tenancy application, application review system for property managers, integration with FileMaker, Xero and several industry specific tools, data encryption.


Along with other security measures, TPS continue to invest heavily in data encryption to protect their users.


With up to 40,000 applications being processed each month, any mistake or mishap has considerable ramifications. Due to thoughtful design and development the number of user related issues are trivial.

User Focused

When building a tool that’s used by such a large and diverse audience, being able to rapidly adjust to user feedback has been a critical aspect to their success. This flexible approach to their development road map has been possible through the close relationship between TPS and our development team.

Working Relationship

We've worked with TPS for over 8 years as the business has evolved and grown. We've assisted in the recruitment of their in-house dev team who we continue to work closely alongside in a vCTO.