Towards Truth is a website and knowledge platform that empowers First Nations people, by giving them access to information on legislation and policy that has affected them throughout Australian history.

This is a collaborative project, years in the making, calling on experts from the Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) and the Indigenous Law Centre of UNSW to catalogue, interpret, and distil thousands of legal records and documents into a central database.

Towards Truth makes it possible for indigenous people to find out more about the impact of laws and policies in a way that’s accessible, for the first time. Every piece of information is backed up by research with original documents, so it’s also a valuable tool for researchers, legal professionals and academics. Visitors can choose a short summary, or they can dig deeper.

PIAC approached Custom D to help bring this concept to life, and we jumped at the chance to be involved. It has a strong purpose behind it, and fits our strengths of matching an intuitive user experience with sophisticated back-end technology.