Xero Integrations

Experts at connecting Xero with your business software.

The folks at Xero are trailblazers, they’ve taken one of the most fundamental and functional business tools and given it a bit of glam. Since inception, Xero has gone from novelty to mainstream. More and more businesses are coming to appreciate the value of having their accounting package up in the cloud and accessible from anywhere.

At Custom D we too understand that value — we’re Xero users and have become experts at integrating Xero with the other software that’s integral to the businesses and organisations we work with. The more your systems work harmoniously, the greater the efficiency... the ability to transfer information in and out of Xero, to share invoices, customer details, purchasing records and a lot more, drives efficiency and promotes better visibility around your operation.

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Case studies

Art Money

Real Estate Investar

Financial data from Xero is automatically pulled into Real Estate Investar's software to assess the performance of each property within a portfolio.

Art Money

Design + Industry

We connected D&I's project management (we built that too!) to Xero to manage purchase orders and invoicing with great effect.