Property Investment Made Easy

Real Estate Investar

The founders of Real Estate Investar (REI) are, at heart, property investors. Through their expertise and experience they've developed a set of online tools to help others who are already in, or want to enter this rather mind-boggling field. Based on the Gold Coast of Australia, this company has taken the guesswork and speculation out of building and maintaining the perfect property portfolio.

In the fast-paced world of cloud software, it takes intuition and vision to anticipate the needs of a customer base whose expectation for sophisticated tools with beautiful interfaces is uncompromising.

Whilst REI have been successfully servicing the high volume investor for many years, they wanted to broaden their market base to incorporate entry level investors.

Significant thought and substantial investment was necessary if they wanted to maintain their existing client base as well as appeal to this new section of the market.


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There was only ever one way to skin this cat.... and that was take everything they had, chuck it out and start again. This was a bold move and definitely not for the faint hearted. They wanted to use modern technology, development methods and introduce integration with other leading edge online tools, such as Xero.

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The finished product is stunning. The hard work has paid off and REI have built the intuitive, visually appealing and sophisticated set of tools that they set out to create.

The launch of this suite was at the beginning of November and they can proudly offer their customers (both new and old) a product that far surpasses anything else in the market.