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IBS Cards

IBS cards is a large scale printing company on the Gold Coast. They have thousands of customers throughout Australia and New Zealand and dispatch several hundred orders everyday.

Founder, Scott Siganto loves to push the boundaries. He started this business 18 years ago and IBS Cards is now seen as a technology leader in their industry, all the while delivering exceptional service and experiences to their customers.

In order to give their customers control and information at their fingertips, IBS goes further than many of their competitors. They offer much of their services online (quoting, ordering, shipping and payments). They've worked hard to handle the complexity of the extensive ordering options per product, and different pricing tiers per client.

IBS already had a website however it was based on a proprietary framework. Much of the functionality was there, but performance was slow, felt buggy, and lacked cohesion between the backend and the interface that customers were presented with. The foundation wasn't solid which limited the potential to expand their offering and enhance the customer experience.


Art Month Sydney Responsive Web Site

We worked closely with Scott to develop his ideas with the result being a highly sophisticated customer portal. IBS customers can now login to their account, generate quotes, place orders, track order status, pay invoices, and quickly re-order based on previous orders. Integrations were also included for courier shipping, credit card payments and their FileMaker job tracking system.

One year after launching, results from Google Analytics were pretty staggering:

  • Sessions/visits increased by 39% (229k vs 164k for previous year)
  • Average page load time decreased by over 65%
  • The percentage of visitors who viewed multiple pages increased by 26%

Customers love how quick the new site is. They can now go online and place their order through the website faster and more accurately than they were able to previously using email or phone.

  • mobile Mobile responsive
  • settings Custom content management system
  • folder FileMaker Integration
  • moneybag Ecommerce
  • monitor Business digitisation
  • nodes Partner API

IBS have been able to engage more clients online, improving the customers experience, and freeing up their team to focus on delivering quality service.