Using Xero to drive efficiency

Design + Industry

We’ve completed a large number of Xero integrations now and integrating invoicing is by far the fastest, easiest and most frequently requested.

However, the value of connecting your accounting software with your core operational systems can extend well beyond just invoices and delivers huge efficiencies through the streamlining of your processes.

D+I are Australia’s premier industrial design firm with awards littering their office to prove it. A while back we built them a custom project management system called Pulse.

It has become their operational hub and they use it to drive efficiency within their business to great effect. Pulse manages their projects, time recording, invoicing, purchase orders and much more. As Pulse has grown and been developed, we’ve built in strong connections between it and Xero ensuring minimal duplication of effort and that the two systems are constantly in sync.

One area where Pulse has made great use of the Xero API is with their purchase orders.

D+I buy a large number of materials on behalf of their clients and these are often of considerable value. Tight tracking of the cost and subsequent on-charging is critical.

Purchase orders are generated in Pulse, allocated to jobs and suppliers. Pulse handles the currency conversion, sale price and approval process. All of this is pretty standard in well designed project management software, but the way this all then links up to Xero is where the magic happens.

Suppliers are created in Pulse and automatically synced through to Xero which helps to efficiently match both systems. Once a purchase order is approved it is also synced through to Xero ready to be matched to the corresponding supplier invoice.

Customer invoices are created in Pulse including the on-charging of third party purchases. The purchase orders are used to manage this and once it’s billed to a customer, Pulse notifies Xero. The benefit of this, is that in the case of a variance between the supplier invoice and the value noted on the purchase order, the team at D+I instantly know if it’s already been invoiced to their customer and if they need to take any action.


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D+I are a company that are used to looking for ways to improve the overall viability and performance of a system or solution. Therefore it’s no surprise that they apply this sort of business acumen to identifying areas of inefficiency and go about resolving them.

It’s no secret that there’s an increasing issue with sourcing and retaining a skilled workforce. Getting your technology to drive efficiency and reduce the human workload makes a lot of sense for the future proofing the efficiency of your organisation. Integrations with Xero are a fantastic example how this can be achieved.

If you’d like some more information about how Xero could be integrated within your organisation,or other areas that could benefit by leveraging technology, drop us a line or give us a call.