The fast and the furious

Canterbury Track Cycling

Canterbury Track Cycling, are a well established organisation with 200-300 members. They have produced many top class athletes and the key to this has been their ongoing focus and development of young riders.

For the past few years CTC were using FB as their primary communication tool, but this medium is flawed due to the inability to make information easy to find. Details such as the season programme and event information get buried in the feed which was very frustrating to those that were interested. Club racing is held twice a week and the results were not distributed to the competitors as there was no adequate way to do so.


Art Month Sydney Responsive Web Site

We started off by building them a website, that has a blog, a section for events and another for results. Results are fed from RacePlace (the results system) in real time for club, championship and carnival events. Members have the ability to create an account where they can view a list of their results (as well as others) and see where they are placed on the leader board in their grade and across the entire club.

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The development of the website, logo and branding has positioned CTC as one of the most professional clubs in New Zealand. In fact, it's difficult to find a club that has a better online presence and effective means of communication. Members have a sense of pride when talking to riders from other centres and are well informed about everything that is happening within the club.