Online Application Form & Customer Portal


As global demand for organic products and produce explodes, BioGro have established themselves as “clean green” with 35 years dedicated to organics and certification. BioGro is New Zealand’s largest organic certifier, servicing more than 750 producers across New Zealand and the Pacific.

“The BioGro logo guarantees that a product is made without animal testing, genetic modification and the routine use of synthetic pesticides. It is the mark of a genuine organic product.”

During the past few years, BioGro have invested in both their internal and customer facing systems in order to keep administrative costs to a minimum and provide a solid platform for growth and scalability. As a not-for-profit, budgets are often modest but they’ve possessed exceptional foresight, enabling them to fully leverage their ongoing investment.

The process of becoming organically certified is extremely involved, there are many elements that need to be checked and verified before that organic sticker can be presented on the label – when buyers choose a product from the supermarket shelf based on it’s organic status, they need to be confident that not only is the manufacturing of that product organic, but that every ingredient also meets the standard.

For BioGro the administrative aspect of processing applications was time consuming, frustrating and offered little-to-no added value to the organisation or its customers. For those looking to become certified, the process was at times overwhelming. The sheer volume of man hours needed to process and manage applications meant BioGro struggled to keep up and certifications were often slow to turn around.


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But that is all in the past. Taking the vision of BioGro management, we’ve worked to develop an online portal that allows their customers to create and manage their entire Organic Management Plan (OMP) online.

The OMP offers customers an interactive and integrated online application form with full validation. Customers manage and interact with their plan throughout the year meaning it is truly a living document.

The integration means information is passed seamlessly between the customer facing portal and the back-office FileMaker system used by BioGro - feedback is instant and all parties are able to see activity in real time. Validation coupled with good affordance ensures customers have a clear expectation around the type and format of the information expected. This type of thoughtful UI eradicates the frustration that occurs when back-and-forth is needed to get things straight.

The OMP also provides a central and direct communication tool where customers can discuss various aspects of the certification process inline with the relevant topics, with the team at BioGro. The time saved by no longer having to transfer correspondence received via email to each customers OMP has had a massive effect on efficiency.

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Most noticeably BioGro have removed the double handling of data, both in the form completion and the ongoing communications relating to it. They have empowered their customers by giving them greater transparency and direct input as well as improving the day-to-day work of their own team.

And if we take a step back and look at the big picture, it’s not hard to see that BioGro are helping all of us. By making the certification process as easy and painless as possible, they are pivotal to the increase in the number of certified organic products available to us as consumers.

We talk a lot about the enormous value that’s possible by working on your processes including taking forms online and BioGro take advantage of that everyday. Now that their time is not consumed by inefficient, manual processing of application forms, all BioGro staff are now able to make far more meaningful contributions to the organisation benefitting all involved.