It ain't all arty farty

Art Month Sydney

Art Month Sydney is a contemporary art festival that takes place at hundreds of venues across the city during March each year.

Prior to engaging Custom D, the festival had been running for 3 years but there were many limitations with their off-the-shelf content management. There was also a desire for the new website to consolidate all social media activity, acting as a central point of information for the public.


Art Month Sydney Responsive Web Site

We developed a custom content management system, so they could focus on what was important and enter a large amount of information quickly and easily. We also pulled in data feeds and photos from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help create a sense of energy and community online.

Hundreds of events, exhibitions, and venues were entered quickly and easily with next to no staff training. The same platform has been used since 2012 without requiring a large investment each year and the launch saw a marked increase in visits, time spent on site, and attendee numbers.