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Baker Boys

This is one of the story of a small Christchurch business dreaming big and making good.

Baker Boys are an institution on the Christchurch bakery front, having been part of the landscape for the past 25 years. Back in the day when Blueberry muffins were considered a healthy alternative to cakes and biscuits, Baker Boys got on board and started producing these treats for local farmers markets.

They continued to build their brand and their business until 2001 when we they make the decision to go big. They opted out of the retail market, invested in their plant and started their new chapter contract manufacturers.


Art Month Sydney Responsive Web Site

Recently they decided it was time to freshen up the brand along with the website. Peter Fear of Aries Design was brought in to develop a new and fresh brand image that reflected what Baker Boys stands for today.

We worked closely with Peter to develop a new based on his concepts. SilverStripe was chosen as the platform as it furnished the team at Baker Boys a full content management system (CMS) that they can use to manage their website content.

Looking to the future, this custom website provides all the flexibility possibly to ensure it keeps up as their needs change and evolve.

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