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Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students

The Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) is based in Sydney and they are undoubtedly thought leaders in their line of service and the largest organisation of their type.

In a nutshell AFES place staff on the various university campuses around Australia to help and encourage students in their Christian growth. They know what their purpose is, they focus on it extremely well and they’re completely self-funded.

For Craig Reid (IT Manager) and Dave Dorman (National Administrator) it's all about serving their supporters, staff, community and the AFES mission. All this shows in the way they challenge the status quo and continue to move their organisation forward in a thoughtful and considered way.

As with all not-for-profit organisations, they have an obligation to those that support them, to ensure their resources are used in the most productive way possible. And if they wanted to scale their organisation they needed to future-proof the efficiency of their administrative process.

In addition AFES have a duty to mitigate risk and ensure they are meeting all legal and compliance regulations.


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It was time to step things up. AFES had to ensure they had the systems and processes in place to manage their continuing growth.

Building data integrity

AFES have used technology to drive efficiency within their administrative team for quite some time. They have an in-house built FileMaker system which has managed their back-office activity for a number of years.

First step in the process was engaging professional FileMaker firm, Digital Fusion. They specialise in the development of large complex FileMaker solutions and have provided expertise around data integrity and best practice within the FileMaker framework.

Next was engaging us for the web development. They urgently required an e-commerce solution to handle credit card donations received online ensuring they were PCI compliant.

Driving efficiency

With their base requirements under control, it was time to get on with the work that was going to kick AFES into the next gear.

Craig and Dave could see the chance to take further opportunity of web technologies to manage and streamline the thousands of donations received through their office.

With our knowledge and experience in FileMaker integrations we were able build on their e-commerce payment gateway and create a Donation Portal that offers full integration with their back-office system.

Previously donations were manually entered into FileMaker by the admin team. This was close to a full-time job.

With the new Donation Portal, supporter details are now automatically fed through to FileMaker from the web for further administration and reporting.

In addition, the creation of records for payments, receipts and ongoing monthly donation schedules is now fully automated.

With the deployment of the new Donation Portal earlier this month, supporters now have a vastly superior experience when donating. The integrity of their systems is robust. And just as importantly, they have relieved their administrative team of a substantial amount of tedious data entry.

Stripping away administrative overhead wherever possible is critical to scalability. This initiative has done a fine job on that front.

And just as importantly, AFES now have freed up resource that can set about the meaningful work that really adds value to their organisation. That is gold!