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In the hectic world of managing rentals, TPS have not only drastically increased the efficiency of letting properties, but they’ve turned a dreary job into something that’s quick and easy for everyone.

Their roots have always been in supporting the property management industry, offering a specialist debt collection service, credit checking and tenancy agreement expertise to property managers.

Filling in forms is a tedious business, particularly if you have to fill them out by hand... repeatedly. This was a pain point for both property managers and prospective tenants.

For property managers, handwritten applications would often come through with illegible writing, partially complete, missing the supporting documents or just wrong.

Once their preferred tenant was identified the property manager would manually enter their details into TenantCheck and then load up all of their details once again into the Tenancy Agreement. That’s a whole lot of unnecessary overhead.

And for tenants, filling in property applications is a laborious but necessary exercise.


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TPS owners, Craeg Williams and Mat Holt could see there was a much better way and they were able to leverage their knowledge of the residential rental property industry.

In December 2016, TPS launched the Tenant Online Application and it was met with immediate joy from the first agencies that were invited to sign up to the service. Prospective tenants can quickly complete the form, attach any necessary documents and submit it to the property manager. So simple.

Not satisfied with this success Craeg and Mat pushed on, launching the Online Tenancy Agreement in January. The agreement, along with the Application and TenantCheck, form their ‘Tenancy e-Bundle’.

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TPS have completely streamlined the letting of properties. Electronic applications are received by property managers, filtered by property, reviewed, credit checked. The property manager can then select their preferred applicant. With a few clicks the Property Manager can merge the application information with the agreement template, add or remove any conditions and email it straight back to the applicant.

And they’ve gone one step further, adding integration with Palace, one of the most broadly used property management tools, which results in a seamless data flow from start to end.

With LJ Hooker, Ray White and many of the other leading property management companies completely sold on this ‘Tenancy eBundle’, they are now the industry leader in online rental applications and agreements.

As with so many good ideas, it’s hard to understand why someone hadn’t done this sooner.