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Sydney based industrial design company Design Industry have awards recognising their exceptional work coming out of their ears. Whilst HQ for D+I is in Sydney, they also have an office in Melbourne and have a workforce of around 40.

Their engineering innovation for products designed with the user in mind stands them apart from so many in their field.

So when they liked the look and functionality of the project management tool we’d built for ourselves (Tasman), we were flattered and thrilled to say the least.

A combination of a rather old desktop project management tool (Traffic), Trello, spreadsheets and Word documents were used to manage their internal systems.

Swapping between a multitude of applications is incredibly inefficient, the staff were frustrated and it was nothing short of a nightmare for the administrative team.

Traffic had some serious limitations too, like the fact it could only be accessed inside their network. The Melbourne office couldn’t use it and had to come up with their own processes, creating inconsistencies between the 2 offices and more overhead for the admin staff.

The lack of cohesion in their systems and resulting inefficiencies were a major inhibitor to growth.


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The solution we’ve built for D+I has used the Tasman framework which provides much of the core functionality whilst remaining flexible and customisable. D+I have named their new solution ‘Pulse’ and it already handles clients, projects, time entries and invoicing. They recently switched to Xero so we were able to utilise our experience with Xero integrations creating a streamlined process that has changed D+I’s invoicing beyond recognition.

In a professional service business, time entries are a perennial problem and can often result in tension between administrators and those responsible for entering them. Even in the best situation they’re not a fun part of the job, but if your systems are clunky and painful to use the problem is exacerbated.

Pulse has simplified the connection between clients their projects and the time spent on them. This is used to generate reports for payroll and invoices for clients.

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D+I knew they needed to replace their tired old systems, but struggled to finding something that could manage the exact way they work. Their unique processes are what sets them apart and they were after a system that could accommodate them and make the jobs of their team better.

Every time you improve the inner workings of your operation, not only do you make peoples jobs that much more enjoyable but you also free up valuable resources. In this modern-day of transient workforces, staff retention is a big focus for employers. Making the mundane tasks that are present in most jobs as quick and painless as possible is a great way to encourage people to stay.

Pulse now provides D+I platform that can grow with them, with many of the manual processes ratioanlised. The platform will be able to handle increased staff numbers and projects and the system has the means to evolve as they do.