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Auto Provenance

Auto Provenance is an online service providing searchable histories or “Provenance” of classic cars. Catering to an exclusive clientele of enthusiasts and collectors, and with over 90,000 cars in the archive, members have a wealth of information at their fingertips to assist in tracking down a piece of classic car history—with minimal information and effort.

Damien Duigan, one of the founding members of Auto Provenance, began developing the original archive in the late 1980's as a University Student. The first electronic form was later born in the 1990's created using an early version of the FileMaker software which has developed over time into the extensive collection it is today.

Bruce Goddard and his son Stephen came onboard to form Auto Provenance in 2014 after meeting Damien through an affiliation with the Classic Throttle Shop in Sydney. Bruce's passion for business, combined with Stephen and Damien's passion for tracking the provenance of classic cars, led them to approach us to assist with building a web based solution they could market to potential members.

The database of car histories was a valuable asset to the right people, but not so much on its own. The problem was how to market this information to the right demographic and develop a service that enthusiasts and collectors could use to find car histories of interest. Often, only a small amount of information was known about a particular car, so it was important to facilitate to this end and provide a method of finding histories with few details.

We were approached in 2014 and tasked with a few key requirements:
  • Create an attractive brochure website.
  • Develop a membership system that accepted payments from various sources.
  • Build an advanced search engine.
  • Integrate with FileMaker to sync car histories to the web.

The end goal was to design and create a simple interface that provided little barrier for members to find the histories of classic cars.

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We worked with Damien and Bruce to develop an online platform that facilitated members to search for classic car histories in incredible depth.

The core of the platform is a powerful search engine featuring an easy-to-use interface that allows members to search on common information such as the year, make and model of a particular car. We also built in an advanced search, for when little information is known about a particular car, that allows members to search on chassis numbers, engine numbers, gearbox numbers and the coach builder to name a few.

Membership is based on a subscription model to get access to the search facility, and view basic information of car histories in the archive. A credit system was implemented to handle purchasing the full histories of cars. Each car history is priced accordingly dependant on various factors including the amount of information, pictures and popularity of the vehicle. We used BrainTree to accept secure payments, which was simple to setup and meant members could make payments without leaving the website.

Histories and pricing data is synced between FileMaker and the web platform on a regular basis, and allows Damien to continue work on his original database—which sped up development time and reduced costs.

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Auto Provenance launched in June 2016 with immediate early adopters on-board in preparation for their marketing campaign in the USA later in September.