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Digital Fusion Limited

Digital Fusion build custom apps for businesses using FileMaker, a platform which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Inc. Digital Fusion are well established, having been in business for 20 years and they have the largest number certified FileMaker developers in the Asia Pacific region.

Digital Fusion pride themselves on rapid development of slick, sophisticated custom solutions that drive efficiency and profitability into the organisations they work with.

This team of developers have been pioneers and leaders in their field for more than a decade and have created the most popular FileMaker technical blog in the world which attracts thousands of visits a day. Their reputation has them positioned as one of the most professional FileMaker development companies globally and it’s where others look when setting the bar for user based design.

CEO and founder Craig Saunders approached us to give their website a refresh. It had been a while since the site had been given any attention and as this is their shop window it needed to remain current and contemporary.

"There are some new players in our market space and these guys are nipping at our heels, so it’s important to stay ahead. We needed something more dynamic, and to have full control over all messaging and content on our website"


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We evaluated the technical needs and complexity of the website itself and also considered the priorities of Craig and his team. The TeamDF site is very content heavy, case studies, two very active blogs and a lot of information about what they do. Being a developer at heart, we knew Craig would be a power user and want a lot control over the ongoing maintenance of content on the site.

Taking all that into account SilverStripe was clearly the best fit and would definitely provide the ability for Craig to add, delete and manage pages and the content without any need to ask for developer assistance.

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If we consider what's really important for the TeamDF website, it's the rich content. They needed to easily manage almost all aspects of the website including the addition and removal of pages without getting bogged down in a complex Content Management System (CMS).

They also needed to effuse confidence and represent themselves effectively as the professional development partner that they are known to be. The refreshed design has resulted in a modern and contemporary website that showcases who they are and what they offer.

The site is fully responsive, ensuring the ever-changing landscape of browser trends and behaviour is taken care of and visitors enjoy a great experience no matter which device they use.

This improved design coupled with the very powerful SilverStripe CMS has resulted in all boxes being ticked.