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Art Money

10 group is a Sydney based company specialising in art engagement and owner Paul Becker is passionate about making contemporary art more accessible to all. One of his core drivers is to see the public patronising galleries around the country, resulting in the sale of art and getting it into peoples homes.

As with many of our visionary clients, Paul knew what he wanted to achieve and over a few years mulled over how he could make his dream a reality.

The realm of art buying may be intimidating for the uninitiated: swanky galleries, auctions, and high sticker prices. You could be forgiven for thinking that you need to be part of an elite few in order to purchase art.

Art Money is a Sydney-based initiative designed to make purchasing art more accessible by offering interest free loans to buy art from participating galleries.

Anyone can apply for a pre-approved loan online at home, or at the gallery. If your application is approved, go find your desired piece, head into the gallery with a 10% deposit, and walk out with the artwork.

This was the first time a third party had attempted to connect galleries with would-be purchasers en-masse. It was imperative the end result worked equally well for galleries, purchasers and the team at Art Money.

Each gallery operates slightly differently, they like having their own identity (much like our clients) so the solution needed to be flexible. Applying for a loan online is actually quite complex, but our brief from Art Money was to produce something that was quick and streamlined. Purchasers are asked to upload enough personal information to facilitate a credit check, but the process needed to appear light-weight and easy.

The end product needed to provide as much self-management as possible. Art Money have a very small support team, and to be burdened with a lot of enquiries would jeopardise the overall viability as well as make it very difficult to scale the venture around the rest of Australia.

To get this right we had to pay close attention to the workflow. Applicants should be guided through the process which had to blend effortlessly through the various stages and integrations, including Veda (for credit checking & identification verification) and Payment Express (for the e-commerce payment gateway).

Not only did we need to be very thoughtful about the interaction and experience of galleries and purchasers, we also had to design a back-end management system for the team at Art Money. They had to be able to quickly see information about participating galleries, credit applications, completed sales and details on active loans.

With this list of requirements, there was never going to be an off-the-shelf website framework that would do the job.


Art Month Sydney Responsive Web Site

Our team worked very closely with Jessica Garcia at 10 group, the company behind Art Money, to produce a sophisticated online application with a streamlined custom interface and content management system.

We made it super-easy for purchasers to apply for a loan by creating a simple, clean interface with lots of visibility around required action points, as well as context around where they were in process.

Giving access to all areas of a website can often be overwhelming and lead to clutterfication (new word) of your workspace. Our approach is always to build highly customised content management systems with absolute focus on what's really needed, which is exactly what we did for Art Money.

They haven't had to compromise or come up with work-arounds to manage this increasingly busy service. It just works.

So often you only really notice something when it doesn't work well. This solution had to 'disappear' – ensuring, in the heat of the moment, as sales were being closed the 'process' never got in the way!

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They say ideas are cheap, what you need is great execution. It's always humbling to see how hard people like Paul Becker will work to make his idea a reality. And with people like Jessica onboard, believing and championing his idea from the outset – this was a truly fantastic project to be part of.

Art Money has received some incredible support from the Sydney City Council and the arts industry in general.

The uptake has been so positive, it's not surprising they are getting ready to launch the service in Melbourne, well ahead of schedule. This is one of those cases where everybody involved wins. Artists, Galleries and Australians all benefit equally.