Mobile responsive

These days people browse the web on many different devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops with small and large screens alike. With so many different screen sizes and input devices (touch, mouse, voice, motion control, and yes... even reading your mind...), ensuring your website works across platform and on as many devices as possible is more important than ever.

Especially when you consider that as of 2014, more people are using mobile devices than desktops or laptops to search and browse the internet.

We design and develop websites with a mobile-first approach — this means we first consider how the website will look and function on a device with small screens, and then build up the user interface and add useful graphics and controls for larger screens. This helps ensure our sites are lean, fast and work great on small and large screens alike.

Here are a few projects which we've put in extra time and effort to make them truly awesome on a wide range of devices.

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