Startup Stories Ep 1. 
Female Tech Founders 

Tracy Austin - Doggone & Jennifer Little - Insource

Tracy and Jenn not digital natives, but somehow find themselves right in the thick of tech companies, grabbling with all the jargon and acronyms that flow effortlessly from the mouths of our development team.

Jenn and Tracy's businesses represent the two core types of solutions we build. Insource started as a productivity tool for Jenn’s recruitment company. She has since pivoted and finds herself at the helm of a tech startup as she commercialises Insource. Doggone, is an out-and-out startup app that helps to quickly reunite owners when their pets go wandering.

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Key Takeaways

Be brave

There are decisions that wont make you popular and you wont get right. But you learn by doing. You become a lot wiser through some of the decisions and mistakes you make along the way.

Trust your instincts

A few times someone sowed a seed of doubt in my mind. Whilst they were astute business people. They didn’t have a true understanding of my business.

Get a good night's sleep

Sometimes when you are working long days and surviving off very little sleep the best thing you can do to proceed efficiently and think straight is to stop, step away, get a good night's sleep and look at the problem with fresh eyes the next day.

It's never too late to change

Inspired by a senior female partner at a law firm who completed her law degree at 48 when her children had left home, Tracy went on to get a marketing degree herself later in life.