Premium Hosting

Our hosting is only offered to customers that develop websites with us. It ensures priority service and a perfect synergy between your website and the server hosting environment.

Key benefits of hosting with Custom D:

Secure Environment

When you host with a mass hosting service, your website will typically sit on a shared hosting server, where there may be between 100 – 1000+ other websites built in different frameworks, to varying degrees of quality. If any one of those websites is compromised, all sites on the server are at risk.

We only host our own clients’ websites. We write our code according to best practices, so your website is at a much lower risk of a security breach or traffic spike from hundreds of other websites on the server.

Faster Turnaround

We have evolved a quick and robust method of deploying changes, which streamlines the process for making updates to your website. Hosting elsewhere adds at least 5% to the development time needed to deploy your site.

Powerful Email

By hosting with us, any emails generated from your website are automatically delivered by Mandrill, a powerful back-end service that uses Mailchimp's global infrastructure to send and track emails. As a result, emails sent have a lower chance of being picked up accidentally by spam filters and are tracked until delivered to each recipient. Whether your website sends hundreds of emails per day or just a few, Mandrill takes care of it.

Reliable Backups

Having a backup is one thing, but backups that are up-to-date and quickly restored is another - a lifesaver if you ever need it.

We have 3 different backup mechanisms in place to take full backups of the server, database, and all files. These backups are taken daily and can be reinstated in 5 – 30 minutes in most cases.

24/7 Monitoring

All of our websites are monitored by a dedicated support team of 4 on-call Custom D staff. Real-time alerts and warnings are sent to us relating to service outages, performance, or required maintenance.

In addition to our own monitoring, Rackspace provide engineers 24/7 that are actively monitoring our servers and available by phone to attend to any specific issues.


Hosting with Rackspace means we have access to unlimited resources and can easily scale up on demand as your website grows. This includes the option of high-performance dedicated servers should you ever need it.

Tailored Setup

Every website is individual and may require different configuration to perform at its best. Having full control over the server, we are free to configure advanced settings and install specialised technologies tailored to your business requirements.