Provident Insurance

InsureTech - Dealer Portal

Provident Insurance, Dealer Portal developed by Custom D

Provident Insurance provides a range of insurance products and services designed by kiwis, for kiwis. Their policies are designed to protect your lifestyle and your vehicle and are available exclusively through their network of Provident Authorised Motor Vehicle Traders and Financiers throughout NZ.

The problem

Provident Insurance faced significant challenges with their outdated and cumbersome quote forms and workflow processes, which were time-consuming for dealers to complete. Additionally, their fixed products lacked flexibility, making it difficult to meet the evolving needs of their clients. Recognising the need to modernise their legacy systems, Provident aimed to leverage modern technology to enhance efficiency and flexibility in a dynamic industry.


To address these issues, Provident partnered with us to develop an industry-leading online portal integrated with ICE InsureTech’s SAAS solution. This integration allows dealers to benefit from the flexible options provided by ICE’s innovative and highly configurable insurance software services, streamlining processes and modernising Provident's offerings.

Quote Mark

They always find solutions to help us navigate road blocks and keep things progressing. Custom D's team has immersed themselves in our goal, which makes us feel as if the problem is ours and theirs, and that's unique in a service provider.

Paul Natac, CIO - Provident Insurance

What we built

We developed a comprehensive solution consisting of a user-friendly front-end web application called the 'Dealer Portal' and a robust backend application with an accompanying admin portal. This integrated system empowers Provident to efficiently manage data operations, enabling business managers to seamlessly create and oversee policies, manage rate charts, and tailor offerings for clients, all while prioritising user experience, regulatory compliance, and stringent security measures.


To seamlessly connect with Provident's existing infrastructure, we implemented a secure API with ICE InsureTech, a cloud-based SAAS insurance solution. This integration ensures smooth data exchange and enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the system.


We integrated AWS Cognito authentication to facilitate user onboarding for Provident while adhering to best practices in security and user management. Our approach included robust password management protocols to safeguard sensitive information and maintain compliance with industry regulations.

User Experience

The Dealer Portal was designed with the end-user in mind. This intuitive system remembers user details and quotes, significantly reducing the time and effort required for dealers to access and update customer information and policies. As a result, dealers can focus more on serving their clients effectively, rather than navigating cumbersome administrative tasks.