Unlock the power of your data 
with Generative AI 

Private, secure, flexible and seamless.

Caitlyn, our Gen AI platform, combines generative language models with Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to unlock insights from your own data sources – be it customer interactions, domain knowledge bases, or internal documentation.

Access your data like never before.

By integrating Caitlyn, you can enhance your offering with real-time, contextual responses tailored to each user’s unique needs. Stay ahead of the curve by providing personalised experiences that delight customers and drive engagement. Streamline workflows, automate customer support, and expedite decision-making processes – all while ensuring your sensitive data remains secure within your infrastructure.

our team to explore where Caitlyn can make the most impact in your organisation.

Caitlyn - Generative AI for Business by Custom D

The Benefits of Caitlyn

Private & Secure

Retrieves from your proprietary data sources, ensuring sensitive information never leaves your environment.

Enterprise-grade security measures protect against unauthorised access.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with existing applications and workflows via API.

Customisable interface for a tailored experience.

Verified Responses

Caitlyn provides citations with direct references to source material ensuring transparency and integrity of responses.


Built-in safety rails to prevent bias and steer clear of inappropriate or irrelevant results.

Why Caitlyn

Unlike generic out-of-the-box solutions, Caitlyn is meticulously tailored to your business needs through a hands-on approach by our expert developers and AI consultants. Our team integrates Caitlyn seamlessly into your website or application, then fine-tunes her rigorously to your specific data, ensuring the most relevant and accurate responses and maximising the value from your data. This process is continuously refined to guarantee the best possible results.

Additionally, if you need new features and further customisation, there are no support queues; we’ve got you covered.

Caitlyn offers the best of both worlds, a rigorously tried and tested solution, expertly customised to your business. It just works.

Common Use Cases

Chat Bot
Virtual AgentsConversational AnalyticsPersonalisationProductivity
Unlock valuable knowledge
for customers
Handle common internal questions

Customer service

Customer sentiment analysis

Conversation insights

Product recommendations

Personalised feeds, dashboards
and information

Intelligent document processing

Content creation

Workflow automation

How Caitlyn works

Caitlyn uses Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to become an expert on your unique organisational and industry knowledge.

A LLM (Large Language Models), such Anthropic's Claude, then quickly generates an accurate response in your chosen tone of voice or format.

RAG combines the strengths of both generative AI and retrieval AI by allowing large language models (LLMs) to tap your own knowledge base whilst keeping your data safe and secure.

Caitlyn can be used with the latest leading edge models.

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Caitlyn - A Generative AI product from Custom D

Generative AI Use Cases


Example: Motor Vehicle Insurance

Lengthy and complex insurance policy documents can make it extremely difficult for customers to easily understand the details of their coverage and eligibility for making claims.


Example: Applied Research Organisation

Searching large database of documents can be challenging due to the vast amount of information, complex terminologiy, lack of context and structure, and the need for advanced search techniques to effectively retrieve relevant and accurate results.


Example: Mortgage Brokers Firm

Mortgage brokers have to stay up to date with policies from different vendors.The time-consuming nature of tracking constantly evolving guidelines can lead to errors, inefficiencies, and potential compliance issues.