Keeping control 
of your cloud costs 

Is your cloud investment delivering genuine business value?

Transitioning your business to the cloud offers numerous advantages for businesses, but, it is a feature rich environment, and without close management costs can spiral. Implementing a cloud financial management framework, known as FinOps, is essential to assess the true business value derived from your cloud investments.

Your cloud spend unveiled

With our managed FinOps services, you receive the expertise and support you need to get started with cloud financial management. We assess your current setup and operations, providing clear visibility into your cloud ecosystem with reliable data and insights. Our team will monitor your cloud environment, analysing cloud usage and billing data, giving practical advice to optimise operational efficiency.

Advantages of Managed FinOps

Expertise and Support

Access to certified experts who understand cloud financial management principles. We offer guidance and support to ensure the efficient use of cloud resources while controlling costs.

Cost Optimisation

We optimise your cloud spending by providing insights into usage patterns, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and implementing strategies to control expenses.

Streamlined Operations

Outsourcing the management of cloud finances to experts streamlines your operations, freeing up internal resources, reduces administrative burdens, and enables you to focus on core business activities and accelerating innovation initiatives.

Governance and Compliance

Robust governance frameworks ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. We provide controls and policies to govern cloud usage, mitigate risks, and maintain security standards, thereby safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring business continuity.

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We have worked with CustomD for a number of years and they are extremely knowledgable in what they do. Their understanding of AWS systems and architecture is incredible. Their efficiency in diagnosing issues and identifying optimisation potential is paramount to both our required up time and customer satisfaction.

Luke Siemonavich - Development Manager,