Introducing Gerry

Meet Gerry, the latest addition to the team. Gerry has come onboard to help us with global domination as our Business Development Manager. He's a bit cheeky and likes a good chat.

What attracted you to CustomD?

I’ve wanted to work in the tech industry for ages. I like how it never stops evolving and has an almost constant stream of opportunities to learn and earn from.

I got a real sense of the culture at Custom D from my first interview. I could tell they were onto a good thing. One of the tell-tale signs for me was that everyone that works here has been here for donkey’s years. I thought they’re either all lazy buggers or it’s a pretty good place to be.

What makes you tick?

I could get deep here. It depends what we are talking about. From a business perspective, I would say I am borderline obsessed with improving how things are done. I like to push boundaries and question the ‘this is how its done mentality’.

Creative thinking comes naturally to me. I don’t switch off. I’ve got too many ideas. I like to stay busy.

For a personal point; I’ve got two wee girls Annie’s 4 and Millie’s 2. They keep my wife Natalie and I busy. I spend what some people call my spare time at horse riding lessons at swing parks or playing Unicorns and doing all things pink and girly.

I’ve seen Moana about 17 times.

Tell us a bit about your journey to get to where you are now?

I moved to Australia permanently around 14 years ago. From there I went on a winter holiday in the South Island, shortly after I moved to Christchurch.

I’ve worked in a sales role of some sort for most of my career in various industries from finance to property data.

I am looking forward to seeing where this next opportunity takes me.

Q&A with Gerry

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