AFNC18 Survey Results

Amidst the canapés, koalas and general banter, we managed to talk to a large number of CEOs and survey a variety of associations on the challenges they're facing and what technology they're using today.

The Biggest Challenge?

This came as a slight surprise. We expected member engagement to be the number one issue. But it was organisational efficiency that is proving to be the real challenge for most associations we surveyed.

Whether it's admin time being spent on re-entering information from one system to another, or a lack of integration between their software and the website, organisational efficiency is suffering.

Room for Improvement

Given the biggest complaint is efficiency, we wanted to know if technology is being used to help manage their membership. And for the majority, they are using some type of software.

However the vast majority of those using software and an online portal are not completely happy with it. These feelings ranged from to being mildly dissatisfied to extremely frustrated.

Common Complaints

And there were a range of reasons why. These were the most common below.

Many of these complaints are common with off-the-shelf software products. They become large beasts over time, which are hard to maintain and slow to adapt. That leads to outdated functionality, a lack of integration, and ultimately a poor user experience.

Download the survey results as an infographic

Associations Survey Results Infographic

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