Our first conference exhibition

We attended the 13th annual Associations Forum National Conference #AFNC18 this July to spread our belief that custom web technology is key for associations to remain relevant in this fast paced digital era.

The first step to growing your membership is to get your (digital) house in order. Investing in your website, getting your application forms online, implementing a member portal and integrating and automating your back end processes are all key to engaging and attracting members as well as increasing your organisation's efficiency.

This was our first time exhibiting and it was an extremely positive experience. The associations crowd were a receptive bunch and were interested in what we had to say. We came away with some positive contacts and fingers crossed a few new clients in the pipeline.

Our feet were bloody sore and Matthew had to retreat into his man cave for some R&R after 2 solid days of schmoozing, but we came away with a few good learnings under our belt:

1. Double sided tape isn't ideal for holding up wall banners - we returned on the 1st day to a crumpled mess on the floor!

2. BYO carbs, fancy exhibition food although delicious doesn't sustain a man.

3. State what we do on marketing collateral - d'oh!!

4. Our survey was a really good way to lead discussions with visitors, but it was possibly a fraction long. Next time: keep it short and sweet.

We gave away an iPad to a very excited Michelle King of the Accommodation Association of Australia and the combination of that and NZ's finest chocolate, Whittakers, were real hits with the attendees.

Survey Results

We went into the conference thinking that member engagement and recruitment were the key issues associations are facing but our survey illuminated us to the fact that organisational efficiency was actually the most common challenge faced. The biggest complaint was a lack of cohesion and integration between their systems, which causes inefficiencies, extra admin work, and limits their ability to deliver real value to members.

Approximately 70% of those surveyed said they used management software but were not happy with it.

Download the survey results as an infographic

Associations Survey Results Infographic

Work smarter, not harder

We were really excited to see these results and that our messaging and proposition are right on track. We pride ourselves on creating custom web software and applications that solve these exact problems.

We build fully integrated, customised web solutions tailored directly to your business, which dramatically reduce manual data entry which in turn creates more efficient work flows, less data error and reduced overheads (or the ability to use resources in more strategic areas of the business) - these solutions just can't be found in an off the shelf solution.

I have been using your newly developed online application material and are moved to congratulate you on producing such an attractive, easily accessed and used system. Many thanks for enhancing my enjoyment of the assessment experience!!
Rex (Selector, Inspire Foundation)

Don't suffer in silence

If this resonates with you and you would like to organise a free site audit consultation please drop us a line or give us a call on +61 1300 783 217.

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