Increase engagement: Member portals

Digital technology is key to staying ahead of the game and engaging with members, new and current.

A member portal is a secure digital gateway to a collection of digital files, services and information, accessible over the Internet through your organisations website or mobile app. Members can log in anywhere, anytime, view and complete processes online and/or interact with services.

Depending on your type of organisation, member portals can offer a wide array of services and functions.

1. Self Management

Member portals save time for both your organisation and your members and provide a fast and direct way for members to get answers to questions and issues.
Your members are empowered with the ability to customise and update their information independently. They can make payments and access invoices which saves valuable resources for your organisation.

2. Exclusive Content & Resources

Portals are a great way of engaging with members and improving collaboration by providing easy access to resources, secure document sharing, exclusive events and online booking.

3. Member Forums

Forums provide an excellent opportunity to create a sense of community by facilitating peer-to-peer interaction. Facebook groups are an option, but if you include a forum in your member portal, you have more control and functionality, plus you’ll encourage your members to continually return to your site.

A good member portal will increase traffic to your website. Members will stay on your website for longer which will help your organic SEO. It can improve your member engagement, reduce internal admin and ultimately help you retain and grow your membership.

 A guide for membership based organisations:  How digital technology can increase and retain your membership base.


Canterbury Track Cycling

Members have the ability to create an account and login to the member portal where they can update their profile, view a list of their results (as well as others) and see where they are placed on the leader board in their grade and across the entire club. This function builds community, as well as a healthy dose of competitivity between members.


Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) offer their donors a raft of self-managed options within their donation portal. Donors are able to view and update their ongoing donation programmes. Importantly, AFES are able to automatically notify donors when their credit card details are soon to expire, and encourage them too use the portal to update their new details.

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