Philosophy Meets Design

At Custom D we are always looking to embrace innovative ideas and concepts. These ideas can come from a variety of sources. We recently went to a talk by Arch McDonnell and Toby Curnow from Inhouse who explained how easy it is to be blinded by new ideas and forget about the wisdom that can be found in more traditional design philosophy.

Two of the concepts they value the most are the Japanese concepts of Wabi-sabi and Kanso. These concepts incorporate mindfulness, clarity, and an appreciation for transience, and they are something that we are endeavouring to assimilate into our daily designs.

One of the most recognisable examples of these principles in practice today, is Apple. You only need look at the minimalist design, sleek ui, and smooth lines of their products and packaging. Apple made a conscious decision to concentrate on a core principle of simplicity. They are also known for adopting new technology, leaving the old behind, constantly striving to improve user experience.

Successfully blending the wisdom of both old and new can open up a world of creative possibility. We must not ignore tradition in favour of modernisation as in doing so we can unintentionally hamper our creativity. Inspiration can come from unlikely sources and it is our job as designers to recognise inspiration in all its forms and harness it in each and every project we undertake. So just remember...

“you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” - Norman Foster

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