Open Source Plugins and Add-ons

Here at Custom D, we use a lot of open source software as part of our day-to-day development. We base our web apps on CodeIgniter, a powerful, fast PHP based framework which allows us to concentrate on the functionality of the app, and we use jQuery on the front end to make things easier for users.

Both jQuery and CodeIgniter have their own thriving community of people developing plugins and add-ons, and releasing them as open source projects, which we also make great use of.

Pay it forward

Often when developing a web app, we find that there's no plugin available that does exactly what we want, so we've developed our own. Previously we've used these internally on various projects, but we've decided to release them as open source, as a way of saying thanks to all those developers who've done the same.

Start your engines

Like many others, we're using GitHub to publish the code. The projects we've released so far are:

MojoMotor Disclosapage Add-on

Adds disclosure triangles to the MojoMotor page tree, allowing users to show and hide page groups.


jQuery List

Allows the user to create a list with floating headings while scrolling, — la iOS & iCal day view. The plugin allows arbitrary markup of the header and list items, and will work nicely with nested elements.

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jQuery Calendar

Allows developers to implement an extremely flexible calendar interface, with very little effort. The calendar plugin can render a Day, Week, Month and Resource calendar view. The plugin also provides an interface for manipulating and formatting dates and times.

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jQuery Timepicker

Creates a standard, easy-to-use control which allows end users to enter times in a consistent and intuitive way. It converts a standard HTML input element into a user-friendly time entry widget, and allows you to format times as you require.

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