How Connected is Your Brand?

A brand is more than a logo or a name. It’s how the world perceives your business and increasingly: how they experience it.

People interact with your brand when they phone your office, use your website, or meet you in person.

These are all different touch points within your brand’s ecosystem and every interaction has the power to strengthen or undermine your brand in the customers’ mind.

Today more than ever the touch points are becoming digital and there is untapped potential for creating interactions and features which are uniquely aligned with your business's values.

It’s no surprise that leading agencies are teaming up with custom technology providers to look at how real innovation can add value for their customers.

In a recent presentation a the 99U conference in New York, we learned how the agency R/GA took on a brief to rebrand the Boxing Association. In a sport full of noise, hype, corruption and controversy, their brief was to bring boxing back to basics, and add transparency and engagement through better technology.

R/GA produced a simple and clean brand aesthetic focused on the fighters common story of striving to be champion. They then used custom technology to connect fighters' gear to a digital system that displayed the PSI impact of every punch during matches, as well as their footwork in the ring. Not only was this innovative real-time tech, it added a new dimension for fans which brought them closer to the sport.

RGA didn’t simply create a boxing aesthetic and slap it on a website with some nice photography. They asked how can they create value through truly innovative tech. They connected the Boxing Association's brand story with a unique digital system.

Branding is not static. Your story evolves and those that use innovative technology to connect and disrupt are the ones that will thrive as we go into the future.

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