Data breaches - no big deal?

In the modern era of life online, it's easy to become blasé about the security of our most commonly used apps.

A vast number of consumer brands have apps, and they want to know all about you – but what do you know about them? What precautions do they take to safeguard your personal information? Hackers are getting smarter and the stakes are getting higher!

Data breaches are becoming pretty commonplace and there’s a reasonable chance that the average Joe is going to be apathetic or desensitised. If banks were this insecure, I wonder whether if the reaction would be any different? Data, particularly personal data is a high value commodity, ask half the tech companies out there what their most valuable asset is?

Even a data breach of simple personal data like name, phone and address can have a significant real-world impact; These people will likely end up as the target of scammers, identity thieves or worse, especially if they’ve got a good reason to keep this data private. There are plenty of horror stories out there.

FaceBook, Sony, Yahoo, Equifax, Uber.... Ashley Madison

If you run an online service or system which allows users to log in, it might be a good time to review your security and data privacy policies.

Download our 8 tips to improve data security in your organisation.

Download 8 tips to improve data security

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