How to use digital technology to grow membership for your association

Associations, clubs, societies, groups, leagues – they all rely on memberships. Any organisation that’s seeking to build, increase and retain their membership base needs to approach recruitment in much the same way that a business attracts and retains customers.
In today’s fast-paced, online world, that means developing a digital strategy that engages potential members online, because that’s where everyone is. Organisations will increasingly find, attract, and retain their members through digital technology, such as social media channels, your website, online forms, web portals or email.

How digital technology can increase and retain your membership base

We have developed an ebook, A guide for membership organisations: How digital technology can increase and retain your membership base, that focuses on how organisations can grow, remain relevant, attract new members and retain existing ones using online tools.

Specifically, it outlines how an organisation’s website – the central hub of any digital presence – needs to reflect their values, culture and purpose. It’s essentially a digital shop front that’s open 24/7, and very likely the first contact potential members will have with an organisation, so it needs to get the basics right straight out of the gate.

A major part of this is making it easy for people to join an organisation online, and the ebook covers the essential elements of an online membership form. Once people have joined, they should then get the benefits of a members-only portal, which provides them with the ability to self manage and update their personal profile, assess to information, perks and opportunities to engage with other members.

It also outlines the importance of not resting on your laurels; continual engagement and good communication are crucial for retaining existing members and making sure the organisation remains up to date and relevant.

There’s also a section on how automation can streamline processes and help organisations stay in touch with their customers. Processes like membership renewal, event reminders and results can all be achieved using automation, which saves time on administration tasks and frees organisers up to focus on the core activities of their members.

The ebook contains a range of interesting real-life examples, such as how Architectural Designers New Zealand (ADNZ) have a great method of saying thank you, or how the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) has an easy-to-use donation portal.

If you’ve been asking yourself how your organisation can benefit from a properly developed digital strategy, 'A guide for membership organisations: How digital technology can increase and retain your membership base' is a must-read.

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