Building a more productive workforce

Taking things online and reducing, or even better, doing away with paper based systems can revolutionise your business. Automating and streamlining business processes result in more accurate data, greater effieciency, a happy and productive workforce and the all important boost to the bottom line.

Many companies are still manually adding data into multiple systems, which in this day in age is crazy. We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to decipher someones illegible handwriting, and having to fill out that form 2 or 3 times before you get it right. And let's not get started on not being able to e-mail a file because it's too large. Some admin tasks have the ability to suck the fun and profits right out of your business.

So let's talk solutions. Whilst there are lots of excellent off-the-shelf solutions, they won't always match the way you work. This often results in complex work-a-rounds to fit the unique aspects of your business. We're talking custom solutions here which are based on your specific workflows and are able to match your future needs if your processes change.


An integration simply means hooking up your systems or databases so they talk to each other and allow your business data to flow seamlessly. Common integrations include linking your website with your accounting software, freight provider, payment gateways, or back office systems. These types of integrations save precious time that can then be spent on more rewarding and important tasks elsewhere in the business.

Case Study

Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) wanted to scale their organisation so needed to future-proof the efficiency of their administrative processes. We extended their e-commerce payment gateway and created a Donation Portal that offers full integration with their back-office system. Previously donations were manually entered into the database by the admin team. This was close to a full-time job. With the new Donation Portal, supporter details are now automatically fed through from their website. In addition, the creation of records for payments, receipts and ongoing monthly donation schedules is now fully automated.

“It’s changed what used to be a lot of paper based systems to automated systems which has really improved our bottom line. We’re getting more accurate data but it’s also the ease of use. It’s hard to get someone to donate to you and if you make it difficult for them you lose people. Whereas if you’ve got someone willing to donate and it’s really easy you’re winning, which is helping us financially, massively” - AFES


Online forms can come in many different guises, from simple sign up, feedback, checkout and ordering forms, all the way through to sophisticated multi page, integrated application forms.

Whatever the type or complexity of your business' form, having it online can be a game changer;

  • No more manual data entry
  • Slash admin hours
  • Faster processing
  • Greater accuracy
  • Automatic data flows
  • Tracking and monitoring
  • Business scalability
  • Happier staff
  • Satisfied customers

If your organisation could benefit from any of the above, download our eBook ‘The Ultimate Guide to Online Forms’ to learn how to design user friendly forms for maximum conversions.

Case Study

In the hectic world of the rental market, Tenancy Practice Service (TPS) have drastically increased the efficiency of letting properties.

Filling in forms is a tedious business, particularly if you have to fill them out by hand... repeatedly. This was a pain point for both property managers and prospective tenants.

TPS have completely streamlined the letting process. Electronic applications are received by property managers, filtered, reviewed and credit checked. With a few clicks the Property Manager can merge the application information with the agreement template, add or remove any conditions and email it straight back to the applicant. And they’ve gone one step further, integrating with other property management tools, which creates a seamless data flow from start to end.


A client (or customer) portal is a secure digital gateway to a collection of digital files, services and information, accessible over the Internet through a web browser or mobile app. Clients can log in, view and complete processes online and/or interact with services. Some of the business advantages of clients portals include;

  • Increased productivity - multiple people can collaborate on documents without having to e-mail them back and forth.
  • Increased file size limitation
  • Increased responsiveness and greater flexibility - client portals can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Improved communication

A client portal gives your business a competitive edge. It makes interacting with your clients, easier, more effective and importantly more secure on both sides.

Case Study

IBS is a large scale printing company on the Gold Coast. With the addition of a highly sophisticated customer portal to the business IBS have been able to engage more clients online, improve the customers experience, and free up their team to focus on delivering quality service.

IBS customers can login to their account, generate quotes, place orders, track order status, pay invoices, upload artwork, and quickly re-order based on previous orders. Integrations were also included for courier shipping, credit card payments and their FileMaker job tracking system.

Customers love how quick the new site is. They can now go online and place their order through the website faster and more accurately than they were able to previously using email or phone.


Businesses need engaged and highly productive employees working towards the organisation's strategic goals. Building stronger digital foundations is the key to creating a more productive workforce and therefore business.

If you're ready to start investing in your business' future but aren't sure where to start then give us a call. We'll complete a thorough evaluation of your current processes and design a digital roadmap that will have your organisation working to it's full potential.

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