​6 Tips to Make Your Online Forms Sparkle

Festive Online Form

Visual merchandisers may maintain that shop windows are the eyes to the soul of the business. If that is the case, most retailers’ souls are looking rather manic, merry and gluttonous at this time of year. Shops, restaurants, offices and homes are well under way to being garishly garnished with Christmas decorations. Every visual stimulant communicates to buyers what the business is all about, what they represent – in other words, the ‘window to the soul’ of the business. But for businesses where all the action is happening online, you may argue that it is really the digital forms that are the window to the soul of your business.

The humble online form has replaced many aspects of face-to-face customer service. So, in the absence of that helpful shop assistant, product representative or consultant, is your business still retaining its’ ‘soul’? Do your users or customers still feel valued, understood and appreciated as they fill out your online form?

Ultimate Guide to Online Form Design

The Ultimate Guide to Online Form Design

To help you make the window to the soul of your business extra sparkly and transparent, we wrote a new eBook on how to create engaging online forms that users love (think of it as our Christmas gift to you).

This eBook is for organisations who have a form at the core of their online engagement – e.g. a product order form or an extensive application form.

In the eBook we discuss why:

  • Validation design is critical for obtaining the correct information
  • Form field details can make or break a form
  • Making it mobile-friendly creates greater accessibility
  • User experience is key to user satisfaction
  • Integration makes things easy for you and users
  • Tracking gives you information on how to improve your forms

If you get these things right, then you can expect your customer satisfaction, employee productivity and happiness levels to skyrocket.

Click here to download your copy of the eBook ‘Ultimate guide to online form design’.

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