Slack is Down

Slack, the group messaging platform with over 6+ million users, is down and out at the moment.

Like a lot of other digital agencies, we rely heavily on Slack for internal communication and also communication with our clients.

It’s fair to say the outage is having the following effect on us here at the office:

Slack literally transformed the way we communicate over night since we started using it. It’s not that we don’t email or call anymore, but Slack has just been like a beaming light that’s opened up our communication and increased transparency massively.

This outage has been a bit of a wake up call in just how much we rely on it. We're even having to resort to writing emails again.

And we're not alone judging by the responses on Twitter.

Things could be worse though, we could be working remotely:

Instead, many teams are going back to the time-honoured ways of communicating.

So far there's been little info from Slack, with their own status page failing to load for the first 20 or so minutes of the outage.

So it's a case of sitting tight right now.

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