Online Forms – A business game changer?

May the form be with you

Forms - it's a subject that falls into the same excitement category as tax or insurance. So you can imagine our delight when we realised during some internal reflection that forms are exactly what we have become specialists in! And it goes without saying that our would-be hipster team of web developers and digital designers were not convinced this was the mast we should pin our flag to.

Regardless, we've done just that.

Why? Because we've witnessed the power of a beautifully designed form. And when we started to see the effect these forms have had on our clients business' it's actually something to get pretty excited about.

Down with paper forms

Show me?

Transforming those lengthy paper forms into an online form can have multiple benefits for both your business and your customers.


  • No more manual data entry and duplication of information in different locations
  • Quicker processing times
  • Less human error due to illegible handwriting or data entry
  • Data flows directly into existing databases and software helping to streamline back-office processes
  • Form tracking allows you to see how and where people abandon the process so you can make improvements to increase the completion rate
  • Reducing admin hours and integrating your online form with your back-office systems gives your business scalability


  • Easily edit and correct errors and cut and paste text
  • Instant checking and feedback
  • No space limitations
  • Ability to save and access from any location
  • No more large overwhelming forms, online forms can be broken into manageable steps

Prove it!

“The introduction of an online application screening and approval system has saved our application review team hundreds of hours of time and made their collaboration on candidate assessment so much easier. The CustomD software was a game changer for us and worked brilliantly from day one.”

– Paul Wright Chairman

The online application form and review process we built for the Inspire Foundation in Canterbury was a game changer for the organisation and has given them the ability to launch a new region in Marlborough.

To read more about this project click here

So what makes a great form?

There are a number of critical factors that need to be considered when designing an online form, we've broken these down into 6 different topics and written them up into a series of helpful blogs. Turn yourself into a form aficionado, stop frustrating your customers and start increasing your form conversions - click the link below to read the first article in the series.

  1. Validation : Love your online form – validation design is critical
  2. Affordance : Love your online form – affordance is everything
  3. Mobile Optimized : Love your online form – make it mobile
  4. User Experience: Love your online form – user experience
  5. Integration : Love your online form – integration
  6. Tracking

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