New release of Tasman

We're super excited to release a new version of Tasman to give you even more control and insight into your projects with Digital Fusion and Custom D.

This latest release has new features for both clients and the development team. Below is a quick video of some of the highlights which include:

  • Drag ’n’ drop your tasks to set the priority order
  • Notifications are now in the side navigation making them visible no matter where you are in Tasman
  • See a history of changes to your project's budget
  • Checklists and a greenlight can be added in the Add Task screen
  • Command click (or ctrl click on a PC) on statuses to view a combined list of tasks under multiple statuses, e.g., “Open” and “Review” tasks
  • Live support — if you’re having trouble with something in Tasman, you can get support using the orange icon in the bottom right
  • Better support for older browsers and Internet Explorer
  • And a bunch of usability improvements and tweaks to just make life better

As always, we're keen to hear from you so email or use the in-app Live support with your comments and feedback.

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