Wunderlist's new Slack integration

Wunderlist announced their initial Slack integration today — you can read the details on their blog here. As I'm a dedicated Wunderlist user as well as a big Slack fan, I took it for a quick spin and found it looks very promising for use with collaborative To-Do lists in Wunderlist.

Each integration 'instance' (you can have many) is a link between a single Wunderlist To-Do list and a public channel in Slack.

Here's what you can do right now:

  • Add a new task from within Slack.
  • Get a notification in Slack for new tasks, done tasks, and comments made on tasks in the list you've linked to

This already looks like a great tool if you're using Wunderlist for collaborative lists focussed on projects. e.g. you might have a Wunderlist account for your web development team, and a list for tasks on a particular project. All developers on your team can add new tasks, comment on them, and tick them off when done. With this integration you'd get to hear about these events immediately inside Slack without having to be camping out in Wunderlist.

It's also a good way to quickly add new tasks while you're thinking about them, although one current drawback is that new tasks added in Slack always go into Wunderlist's "Inbox", not a specific list — you need to go to Wunderlist at some point to file them. There are hints that this feature might improve in the future.

For managing individual personal To-Do lists, especially for users like me who have multiple lists, it's perhaps not quite so useful. With one public Slack channel per personal Wunderlist list, things could get very cluttered very fast. And in this context the features offered aren't really that useful.

But it's a great start, and very positive to see one of my favourite tools getting on the Slack bandwagon!

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