We should spend our days flying around

In todays world of hyper-communication we all struggle to find space to think, concentrate, and find that holy grail 'focus'. The barrage of emails, phone calls and instant messages are a constant distraction.

I fly back and forth to our Sydney office regularly and each time I manage to get more achieved in the 3 hour flight than an entire day at the office.

There's the 20 minute build-up before the laptops can be launched into super-productivity mode – the pilots call this take-off. As soon as I hear the magic ding of the seatbelt sign, we're off. Laptop out, headphones on, fingers at the ready. All the coughing, snorting, talking and crying of my fellow inmates is blocked out and the next 2+ hours are pure bliss. No one can call you, you can't be tempted to check email or surf the web. It's like going to online rehab, albeit for a tiny window of time.

Thanks Air New Zealand!

The only thing that can ruin my moment is a 'recliner'. In my opinion, reclining should be banned on every day-time or short-haul flight. The inconvenience caused to the person behind is so much greater than the 2 inch sense of leaning back, enjoyed by the inconsiderate recliners of this world (rant over).

So if you want to bask in the glory and smugness of manic work out-put, book a flight... to anywhere...

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