Is it just me...

Is it just me, or does every man and his dog have a list of things you should and shouldn't do?

4 ways to make yourself memorable... 7 ways to avoid road rage... 10 steps to become a lady... (going to struggle with that one!)... And so on.

A quick Google search using “7 ways to" or “10 steps to" will return an unbelievably massive list of options.

Some shiny-shoed marketing genius came up with this marketing recipe for those content writer's out there to get the attention of their target audience and it's dug deep into the current format for so many blogs and promotional copy.

Is it really the only way of getting your message across, are readers only able to digest information in this bite sized format? It probably works a treat but it's like the writer's equivalent of stock photography or bullet points on presentation slides!

I know it's supposed to be engaging, but its extreme overuse has left me turned off anything that insists on presenting it's content in a numbered list.

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