Hook me up.... connecting your website to your other systems

As our human race progresses through the ages, we're constantly after a bigger bang for our buck. We want more for less: more productivity for less effort i.e. efficiency.

In business, the biggest productivity gains come from automating our processes and connecting all facets of our business. Each time one thing automatically links to another, one of your precious team members reclaims time that can be used to add better value to your business.

So how does this apply to the systems we use?

If our potential customers are able to find out about our company, the services we provide, and the products we sell without having to wait to speak to someone. That'd be a good thing, right?

And if our customers can then order the products they want, with real-time feedback on stock availability at a time that's convenient to them. Surely they'll keep coming back for more, yes?

And if our customers can pay their account, update their contact details and download a copy invoice, all from the comfort of their home, office or pool-side recliner. That has to be a win-win!

Never far from our client's primary objectives are improvements to efficiency. And the best way to improve that is to automate and connect.

At Custom D we like to think of ourselves as connection experts - in particular connecting other software systems to your website... such as Xero and FileMaker.

Making these connections smooth and seamless can sometimes be tricky, but the rewards are huge. More and more it's what your customers expect and are a major contributor to your market competitiveness - it's also going to make your staff happier, more productive and delivering better value to you (the business owner) and your customers.

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