CodeFusion's MojoMotor Wishlist

This year we feel in love with a little CMS called MojoMotor. It has a great user interface which our clients find easy to use.

So it's the end of the year and we thought it would be nice to ask Big Red (Santa) for some features rather than a shiny new BMX. He is a coding genius after-all.

Dear Santa,

I must admit that I haven't been the best of boys this year. I have a deep desire to cause mischief around the office as shown in a few pranks that I have partaken in. I was just trying to add some cheer to the working environment.

Also can you please forgive me for opening up some mail that was sent to you, not me. One I really liked was from Meta Q. Their wish list is exactly what I want for christmas, but as I'm slightly more greedy than they are, I will make some extra requests.

9. Resize Uploaded Images

CodeIgniter has a great Image Manipulation Class that can easily handle this. It would also be nice if some default preferences (for size, quality etc) where set in config allowing the developer to modify if wanted.

Benefit being that the client will now stop complaining about load times caused by 11MB images.

10. MojoMotor News

The "forecast" blog article posted on Jan 06, 2011 was great along with a couple of MojoMotor version releases. But it's been six months since then and we have had nothing. Please EllisLab, tell me you still care about MojoMotor.

11. Better Site Navigation (page_list mojo tag)

MojoBlocks Sub Pages Block is on the right track allowing you to select a “Start from” page and depth, perfect for creating subnavigation etc. This is what page_list should do... in fact just include the whole MojoBlocks library as native. Parse19 have done a great job adding what should be in MojoMotor already.

12. Page Redirect

We give the client the freedom to create pages at will which will show up in the website's navigation or subnavigation but what happens when a page belongs in two or more sections?

We need the ability to flag a page to redirect to another without having to manually replicate all the page region content.

13. More Native Features

This really is a wish that is low on the list, as we developers have or can create these ourselves as third-party addons. But can we please get more native features like a blog, image gallery, carousel, etc. These are all very standard brochure website features and as MojoMotor is targeting this niche market it would be nice to have these right out of the box.

14. Community driven branch of MojoMotor (I might be dreaming?)

Just like CodeIgniter has the Core and Reactor branches. Get a group of talented developers together, create a community branch and trickle the features down into Core.

As a byproduct, this should help with wish #11 (MojoMotor News) as the community will be stronger and more active.

The fact that MojoMotor isn't open source might be a problem for this wish. So Santa it might be wise to crack open the MojoMotor source code like a Nutcracker and make this the best Christmas ever.

Now, you know everything Santa, so you would have noticed that like Meta Q we use MojoMotor as our preferred Content Management System (CMS). But up until this point of time, we had a strong hatred of content management systems. This was mostly because of the non user-friendly nature of their user interfaces (UI). MojoMotor has shown us that there is some good in the world of CMS. It's not perfect but neither am I.

So with saying that, I just hope I'm not on your naughty list Santa. It would be really nice to get what I wish for!


Code Fusion

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