Be flexible so everybody wins

Flexible work places are where it's at these days according to recent surveys. At Custom D we've been at it for a while though #aheadofthegame.

Flexible Working

Many years ago we had a guy ask to work remotely as he and his girlfriend travelled the world. We said "no" because we were concerned he wouldn't have the have discipline to work without supervision. Big mistake! We were the losers, he was a great employee and was immediately snapped up by someone else and went on to do great things... great things that he could have done with us!

Learning from our mistakes

Since then, we've allowed more and more flexibility for our staff. Robert works from home 2 days a week, Sam worked from the West Coast for a year and then from Australia for another year while his doctor wife did some locum'ing. Phil, Tim and Sam regularly leave early to spend time with their kids. Cindy our receptionist works from our Sydney office for one week a year and pretty much everyone can start late or finish early if they have something in their (less-important) personal life to attend to.
Flexible working

It's all about trust...

I have to say, trust is a really big factor. On both sides. We're pretty fortunate that a lot of our team have been with us for years and this has allowed us to learn how to loosen the reins and let people make some of their own rules. It's pretty well documented now, but a long time ago we realised that the more autonomy we allow people the happier they'll be.

We try and only enforce what's absolutely necessary to run the business and remain flexible with as much of the other stuff as possible. It works pretty well for everyone really, our team get to sort their own work-life balance and we don't have to manage an over-rule oriented workplace!

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