Don't be a cheapskate

It’s happened again. We have two new prospects that have come to us after being promised the world by another company who didn’t deliver.

It’s scary the number of clients we have that have been in the same boat. Don’t get me wrong, we love being the knights in shining armour who come to the rescue but, we’re all in the same industry and these cowboys who under estimate and run out of budget or over-commit when they don’t have the skills to complete the job reflect badly on us all. These clients come to us scared, nervous and untrusting, and with good reason. I mean, outsource the bits you can’t do people, have a conscience!!

And it’s not just small companies, these are big agencies too.

‘Rental firm fuming after consultancy never delivered a functional site or mobile app'

Hertz are suing Accenture (a huge consultancy firm) after they spent millions with them to revamp their online presence and they failed to deliver. Read more about that here.

So how can you avoid falling into the same boat?

There are tonnes are great development companies out there it's just a matter of separating the wheat from the chaff. The key is to be very thorough when choosing a company to partner with and not to focus on price alone, you generally get what you pay for (although a big price tag doesn't always guarantee success as Hertz found out). Think of it like a piece of clothing, if you buy a cheap piece of clothing it’s pretty safe to say the stitching will come undone or it will loose it’s shape within a few months, whereas quality clothing can last for years.

Shop around

It’s extremely important to get quotes from a variety of different agencies so you have a basis to compare what each company has to offer.


Does the company get back to you in a timely manner, do they talk in a way you can understand? If you're left waiting for replies or a proposal or they talk in undecipherable jargon, it's a sure indicator of what's in store for the future. How is your chemistry with the agency? Do you have a good rapport? Ideally you'll be working with this company for the long term, so it's imperative you have good personal connection.


Do they sound like they know what they’re talking about? Do you they provide any documentation, and how professional is it? Do they take the time to thoroughly understand you and your business?


Can they back up their experience with previous client success stories? Do they have the necessary resources and skills to complete your development and meet your timelines?

Your software is the foundation of your business, and time and again we have witnessed the dramatic effects a custom solution has on the productivity and efficiency of how your business functions.

So shop around, do your research and don’t be a cheapskate. Be prepared to invest, it will pay off in the long run.

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