10 Benefits of Custom Development

There can often be a bit of a battle between off the shelf and custom software. We hear of government organisations and others advising businesses to steer clear of custom solutions, which we think is a little narrow minded. There is plenty of room within the market for both and what's right for one company isn't always right for the other. The purpose of custom development is to fill the gap when out-of-the-box solutions don't meet the needs of your organisation.

Our clients are testament to the absolute benefits of custom software.

"We have gone from doing ~2 role searches a week to ~7 since the new system has been in place." Jennifer Little (Managing Director, JLR)

"The new online process has improve efficiency, reduced admin time by 70% on average and increased the number of applications." Inspire Foundation.

Custom software isn't for everyone, there are many businesses that have leaner workflows that off the shelf solutions will work just fine for. But for those that are struggling with the many workarounds often associated with packaged software or are growing rapidly and need to be able to scale, a custom solution might be for you.

Here are 10 benefits of custom development;

1. Efficient

Efficiency has always been important, but in the highly competitive global economy that we operate in now, it’s critical . Custom software ensures business processes are streamlined, designed to reduce unnecessary data entry and avoid any manual workarounds that impact productivity.

2. Automated

Automation is one of the most powerful tools for increased accuracy, visibility and efficiency. Duplications, triplications and more, of data entry are common place. But they don’t need to be. Most modern software has the means to transmit information to and from other platforms automatically (See our explanation on API’s). Custom software allows your organisation to take full advantage of this option.

3. Increase Productivity

Systemising your business processes in any form will benefit the productivity within your organisation. With a custom built system however, the potential is massive. Reducing, or completely eliminating meaningless tasks not only allows your employees to focus on more valuable work, it will also improve their sense of worth through more rewarding contributions.

4. Scaleable

Whilst not every business has growth on the agenda, it’s a common theme with the ones we work with. Opting for a custom developed system allows you to expand your system inline with your growth. You don’t have to have every feature and function you might possibly need, right out of the box. These can be added or adapted as needs arise.

5. Flexible

“The only thing that is constant is change” Being able to adapt your system to match changes in your business or business environment means you’ll never lose the efficiencies a good system can provide. Whether it’s building on the services or products you already sell, or a complete pivot – custom software can facilitate these changing circumstances without disruption.

6. Ahead of the game

New technologies, techniques and opportunities are around every corner. Building your business systems on a custom solution gives you the option to act nimbly to quickly incorporate anything that might be advantageous to your business. This can mean getting the jump on your competitors or ensuring you don’t get left behind!

7. Point of difference

Distinguishing yourself from your competitors is a big challenge for many businesses, but once nailed, you don’t want to be let down or compromised by your internal systems or online services. Whether its exceptional customer service, a remarkable product or a sleek user experience, custom software can support and capitalise on your USP.

8. Owned by you

There is responsibility with custom software, but there is also control and ownership. No longer will your business be at the mercy of others, with custom software you call the shots about which features get added and which direction your software takes.

9. Unlimited Users

Sick of adding a new team member and getting a bill for an extra user? Or worse, that one person pushes you into the next billing bracket! This is a non-issue with custom software, no licensing means 1 user or 1,000 users, it makes no difference to the cost to your business.

10. Instant Support

You have the full support of your development team for the long term. Here at Custom D we aim to become a trusted member of your team. We aim to go above and beyond, providing helpful advice and suggestions as well as building kick ass software.

If you would like to talk more about how custom could be of use to you please drop us an e-mail or give us a call on 1300 783 217

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