You're fired!

If you’re after some fresh ideas for a staff social activity, clay target shooting is an excellent option. My preference was for a civilised game of croquet, accompanied by a delicious G&T but I was voted off the island.

Instead we got armed and dangerous and there were definitely no G&T’s! The New Zealand Clay Target Association is a client of ours, so this was a good opportunity to see first hand, what it’s all about.

Who knew you could buy a kit that included clay targets, a clay target slinger thing and ammo - $250 boom (excuse the pun)? As an avid duck killer, Craig Saunders was confident he could run the show, so we decided to have it on my lifestyle block just outside Christchurch.

As it turned out, Craig disappeared to Aussie without word to anyone which left me and Sam holding the proverbial! I’ve never shot a gun and Sam has limited experience with clay target shooting... what could go wrong??

Well, it all turned out pretty good actually, no one was shot, our sheep, cattle and chickens all lived to tell the tale - Phil and Craig were joint winners, Helen decided it wasn’t a proper activity unless it was a competition... coincidentally Helen was the top female shooter hmmm... The very pleasant afternoon was finished off with a yummy roast lamb (that we didn’t shoot) and a few drinkies.

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