5 Principles of Online Form Design

Don't waste all those hard earned visitors on abandoned forms.

Online forms are often overlooked when it comes to planning your digital strategy, when really they should be a critical part of your marketing.

There are multiple benefits to having your forms online but most significantly they make processing times dramatically quicker. This is much more satisfying for the applicant and means you as a business can process more applications and grow your business.

The power of an online application system is demonstrated by the Online Tenancy Application system we developed for TPS which has been a runaway success! The system is processing tens of thousands of applications each month, which are outstanding statistics for any web app operating solely in New Zealand. See the full stats here.

We have built a few online forms in our time so know a thing or two about form design. We've collected all our experience in our new video '5 Principles of Online Form Design'.

1. Validation
Validation design is critical for obtaining the correct information.

2. Affordance
Form field details can make or break a form.

3. Mobile Friendly
With mobile stats constantly rising this a critical step in form design.

4. User Experience
This is key to user satisfaction and how you design your form.

5. Integration
Integration makes things quicker and easier for you and your users.

So grab a coffee and a biscuit (maybe a whole packet) and get comfy, you're about to learn all you need to make your online form a lean, mean, converting machine.

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